Jim Simpson

Simpson Nutrition Services
P.O. Box 366
Canyon, Texas  79015


1978-82  Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.
Earned M.S. Ruminant Nutrition-Beef Production, December 1982
under the direction of Lowell Schake, Floyd Byers, J.K. Riggs and

1972-76  Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.
Earned bachelor of science in animal science, production option,

Work Experience

March 1994 - Present
Currently own and operate an independent nutrition and
management consulting service offering a full range of nutritional
services including regular publishing efforts geared to provide
clients with the most up-to-date technology and methods for beef
production.  Currently serve 19 clients with a combined
occupancy of approximately 225,000 head.

1988 - 1994
Director of Nutrition, Friona Industries Feedyard Division, Hi-
Pro Feeds.  Responsible for feeding and management at four
company owned feedyards having a one time occupancy of
150,000 head.  Included in these efforts were monitoring ingredi-
ent quality control, mixed ration quality, grain processing, cattle   
consumptions, feedbunk conditions, pen conditions, performance
projections and comparisons, developing computer programs for
management use and reviewing cattle closeouts with feedyard
management and customers.

1986 - 1987
Senior nutritionist, Hi-Pro Feeds.  As senior nutritionist with Hi-
Pro, my duties were expanded to include more involvement with
six company owned feedyards through the feedyard division of
Friona Industries, L.P. having a one time capacity of 240,000

1984 - 1985
Nutritionist, Hi-Pro Feeds.  Provided technical reinforcement for
commercial feed sales, private nutritional consulting, least cost
ration formulation and coordination of producer meetings.

1982 - 1984
Manager of the University of Nebraska Beef Research Feedlot
Facility at Mead, Nebraska.  Responsibilities involved the day-to-
day management of the feedyard facility, supervision of eight
employees and monitoring research trial activities which were
reported to the main campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Other Activities

Plains Nutrition Council
1984 - present

American Feed Industry Association, Inc.   
Salmonella Task Force, Washington, DC - 1987-1988

Ruminant Nutrition Research Council
Secretary, Board of Directors - 1987-1990

Texas Cattle Feeders Association
Member research committee - 1989-1991

Pfizer Phitron Expert Panel, Tempe, Arizona

American Association of Animal Science

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